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Meet Bill Manning – Thanks for visiting!

Bill was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up in New Mexico, Ohio and Minnesota. Bill has been influenced by many: Thomas Merton (mtg. Merton at age 16), Dorothy Day, Owen Barfield, Olive Whicher, Rudolf Steiner, Nelson Mandela (mtg. Mandela), Bishop Tutu, The Dalai Lama, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Maya Angelou, Isabel Wilkerson, Eddie Glaude and many others. Bill obtained an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a focus on Jung. He then lived and worked for three years in an intentional community that had graduated elderly living with one of the first hospices in the country. Law School then followed. After Law School he practiced law for 7 years at the MN. Atty. Gens. Office and was then in private practice for 35 years at a National firm. His career is detailed in his Linkedin bio. It is also further explained in his retirement letter at the end of 2020 to the firm.

Bill is always honored to speak about the life of Nelson Mandela. He has given this talk to many different types of organizations i.e. businesses – small and large, non-profits, law firms, bar associations, churches and synagogues. The talk is fresh each time. It addresses President Mandela’s biography as a tremendous spiritual leader, great lawyer, and a person who developed and acted out of a deep inner life. These talks lead to robust discussions. The talk can also be an inspiration for a full day facilitated conference with deep listening and sharing to uncover renewed ways of leading, doing business and being together. Click here to see this talk given to members of Mill City Commons in the summer of 2022. If you are interested to more fully understand and discuss the impact and the inspiration of Nelson Mandela, please contact me. This talk is offered pro bono.