Below are comments from some who have heard the presentation – Mandela – The Inner Life

“Providence has allowed me the rich blessing of having Bill Manning as a mentor. As the old saying goes, ‘When the student is ready the teacher appears.’ His deep experience and wisdom connected with me at just the right point in the middle of my life. I’ve now had the opportunity to both learn from him and share friendship for nearly 20 years. I’ve also seen and experienced his incisive thought illuminate some of the deepest and most meaningful concepts and present them with clarity, dignity, and power.”

Albert Linderman, Ph.D., CEO, Sagis Corporation
Author, Why the World Around You Isn’t as it Appears

“I have had the pleasure of hearing Bill Manning’s talk on Nelson Mandela and Spirituality a few times over the course of my career and must say that every time I hear it, I find out something new. Bill has taught me that a disciplined approach to attending to my Spirituality is of utmost importance. His gentle guidance and clear convictions send me away with a renewed sense of which priorities are essential in life.”

Jennifer Lange, Former Faith Formation Coordinator
Currently Active in Faith Formation as a volunteer

“The Mandela Presentation – The Inner Life – was one of the most inspirational talks I’ve ever heard. No matter your work, age, or spiritual beliefs – the lessons Bill draws from Mandela’s life and illustrates how to apply to life are inspiring. Ideas from this talk have helped me better serve clients, show up for friends and support others.”

Sonja Manning, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting

“By leading with his expansive heart and radiant spirit, Bill Manning presents a compelling case that Nelson Mandela is, indeed, the greatest lawyer who has ever lived, not because of courtroom victories or legal triumphs, but through the transformative power of his deeply developed and profoundly expressed inner life.”

Tim Dordell, Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel (Ret.),
The Toro Company

“Bill weaves the narrative of Nelson Mandela’s potential as a young man, transformation while in prison, and compassion and forgiveness during his ascent to South Africa’s presidency. Hearing Bill tell the story of Nelson Mandela’s purpose and inner life will inspire others to live lives with gratitude, intent and meaning.”

Don MacPherson, CEO, 12 Geniuses

Bill is a National Inspirational Presenter on – Mandela – The Inner Life

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