Bill’s Further Thoughts on the Path

The verses, meditations and poems linked here serve beautifully in an active, disciplined, practiced inner path. Easy to memorize over time adding whatever speaks to you. Each morning an hour after rising one can sit and think/meditate about these great thoughts. Each is a spiritual reality or a spiritual being. Yes elevated thoughts are spiritual realities. Thinking about them in an inner thinking about thinking disciplined process reveals a higher aspect of oneself. That aspect is divinity, eternity and infinity. It is our holy of holies. It is graced to all 7 plus billion of us in our innermost being. We did not earn it, but we can further realize this divinity, eternity and infinity that is in each of us and that will persist in SPIRIT after death. Engaging now in the process of an inner path allows our SPIRIT to begin to prepare and even now engage in some small humble aspect of co-creation with the Gods and the Godhead. This active disciplined practiced process reveals greater joy, peace, equanimity and love. Living out of this space even a bit allows greater attempts at living out of compassion, generosity and kindness.

September 20, 2021