2022 Posts: #5: New Beginnings

This blog is a New Beginning. Thank you for subscribing to receive it. Some have asked why I am doing this. I have heard the expression — everyone has one great book in them. Not sure I do. What I do have is a series of events and experiences in life that have provided deep meaning. As a seeker, I have sought meaning. So, I am choosing to share what has been most meaningful to me through my 71 year journey.

I retired at the end of 2020. In Hindu tradition when a person retires, they walk around the base of a mountain and it may take up to a year. Then they are ready to sit down and retire. 2021 was my walk around the mountain — living in inner conversation with the question – not my will – but Thy will be done. Direction came to share what I have written and spoken and to just write.

As is apparent from my website, the poet David Whyte inspires me. Click here for some of my favorite poems by David Whyte. He says he is not interested in what a person does for a living. He is interested in what inspires someone, what provides meaning, and most of all who and what do you love and why? This blog over time will attempt to respond to these questions. They are also the questions I have of you, my friends.

As to expectations – I have no schedule for how often I will blog or for how long. Some blogs will be brand new writing, others will build on something I have done previously. The order is thought about, but is not precise. New ideas germinate as the blog progresses.

I am pleased to speak with anyone by email or phone. Feel free to email me via the Contact page on my website. The comments section is intentionally turned off. It is best if I review your comments and possibly discuss. I can then make sure I have your consent to publish, if we choose to do so.

In our conversation so far and in the future I am never trying to impose ideas or proselytize anything. Promoting something or expressing excitement about ideas I find inspiring I do not consider imposing. I offer only my experience. I am also most interested in yours.

Some have asked about the picture that introduces the blog. I took the picture on a trip with my wife and daughter to Uluru/Ayers Rock. This sacred Aboriginal site is in the middle of Australia. The Aboriginal people are amongst the oldest on earth. They are “original participants” as Owen Barfield would describe in his paradigm shifting book “Saving the Appearances.” The picture, taken at sunset, reveals the best I have seen of a Cathedral formed by Nature.

Please allow me to introduce my blog collaborator. Jennifer Lange is a talented computer specialist with a variety of skills. She does all things web and blog design. She is also an editor and assists in refining and adding ideas. Jennifer has a robust inner life and brings joyous spirit to all aspects of life. I am deeply grateful she has agreed to join the ride.

We are all graced throughout our lives with so many New Beginnings: a sibling born, graduations, new jobs, promotions, marriage, a child, a grandchild, spiritual birth of parents or friends, a smile given or a smile received, and an enlivening or humorous conversation – all can be New Beginnings. This blog I hope may provide ideas or even inspiration for New Beginnings.

Tomorrow we will post a speech I gave in 2002 at a New Beginning.