11th 2023 Post – Two Wonderful Touches

Blog Posts Where Race is an Aspect of the Themes On the Friday before Labor Day Weekend in 2011, I experienced vertigo for the first time. It was in retrospect likely from being dehydrated. As I got up from a prone position for a routine medical test, I needed to rush to the bathroom toContinue reading “11th 2023 Post – Two Wonderful Touches”

6th 2023 Post – Speaking about Mandela

How to Welcome Mandela as Your Mentor Blog Posts where Race is an Aspect of the Themes It has been a deep honor for me to be able to speak about Nelson Mandela over the past many years. I have done so with Federal Bar Associations, State Bar Associations, businesses, churches and synagogues. I haveContinue reading “6th 2023 Post – Speaking about Mandela”

2022 Posts: #7: Our True Names

On 1/22/22 a world spiritual leader, Thich Nhat Hanh, crossed over. It seems only appropriate to simply acknowledge him here even though his passing has been widely acknowledged. Many would say he is the most influential Buddhist leader second only to the Dalai Lama. I would surely agree. His writings have inspired me throughout myContinue reading “2022 Posts: #7: Our True Names”