2022 Posts: #12: Further Thoughts on a Path

This is my last post explicitly about Anthroposophy. In this post I will essentially make introductory comments and attach 3 sets of documents. With the attached documents it will be one of the larger posts and may serve as a future reference post for some.

All 7 billion plus of us here on Earth have an inner life. When I say that what I am referencing is that irrespective of religion, a belief system, whether an atheist or a believer or some other approach, we all can and do carry on some type of an inner dialogue with ourselves. That is what I am referring to as an “inner life.”

An “inner life” is quite distinct from an “inner path.” A “path” that I know is open is active, disciplined, practiced and flexible. It is distinct and different from our frequent daily inner dialogues with ourselves. Following a “path” over time can lead to the realization that the invisible world is far greater and just as worth exploring as the visible world.

This blog post is just a miniscule introduction to Anthroposophy. Attached are pages 1 through 8 that could serve as an introduction to a “path.” Working with these meditations and the source books referenced at the bottom of each page can take years of study along with slowly constructing your own “path.” These pages are just one mere example of a possible path that could take years to form. Working with just one or two verses may take a few years before the next verse is added. A next one is added when you decide what to add based on what may be speaking to you as well as when it is timely to add an additional verse.

In Anthroposophy we are our own Teachers, Doctors, Priests, Rabbis, Imams, Ministers and Gurus. Does that mean we never consult with any of the above? Of course not. We surely consult with all these relevant-to-us professionals, but we bring our full selves to the conversations and implement what makes sense out of our own freedom. Also out of freedom, we may seek periodic guidance as I did from older more experienced meditants. However, the guidance we may seek is not to follow precise instructions or someone else’s guided path, but rather to have discussion so as to find our own way in freedom.

Additionally, in the second attachment are pages 9 through 14 that serve in the broadest way as mere condensed outlines that may assist with language if you decide to read any Anthroposophy.

Three books I recommend in addition to those from prior posts are:

I will not elaborate here on pages 9 -14. But I am willing to dialogue with anyone about any of these books or the attachments. On my website is a contact link where you can contact me by email. I will respond. I feel a responsibility if I am sharing this information to be available if anyone wants to talk about other resources or other people who may be helpful with further explanations.

I also recommend perusing the website of the Anthroposophical Society in America that has many resources available such as seminars and much else. A very fine publication you can register to receive is “Being Human” edited by John Beck.

Last, I will close with my “Further Thoughts on a Path” that has one additional attachment. This attachment has some overlap with the first one in this post, but it is also distinctly different.

The verses, meditations and poems linked here serve beautifully in an active, disciplined, practiced, flexible inner path. Easy to memorize over time adding whatever speaks to you. Each morning an hour after rising one can sit and think/meditate about these great thoughts. Each is a spiritual reality or a spiritual being. Yes, elevated thoughts are spiritual realities. Thinking about them in an inner thinking about thinking disciplined process reveals a higher aspect of oneself. That aspect is divinity, eternity and infinity. It is our holy of holies. It is graced to all 7 plus billion of us in our innermost being. We did not earn it, but we can further realize this divinity, eternity and infinity that is in each of us and that will persist in SPIRIT after death. Engaging now in the process of an “inner path” allows our SPIRIT to begin to prepare and even now engage in some small humble aspect of co-creation with the Gods and the Godhead. This active disciplined practiced flexible process reveals greater joy, peace, equanimity and love. Mandela, Merton, Barfield and many others have known aspects of this path. Living out of this space even a bit allows greater attempts at living out of compassion, generosity and kindness.